Carbon Capture Science and Technology Research Forum

Carbon Capture Science and Technology Research Forum (CCST-RF) aims to promote carbon capture research and technology development and deployment, in addition to supporting Carbon Capture Science and Technology, an open access IChemE journal, published by Elsevier. CCST-RF have a few research themes, such as high-temperature CO2 adsorption and integrated CO2 capture and utilisation. Within each research theme, collaborations through grant application, journal publication, and student and staff exchange will be encouraged.

Research Themes of CCST-RF:

Integrated CO2 Capture and Utilisation

To create a sustainable platform for researchers in the area of integrating CO2 capture and the uitilisation of captured CO2 into fuels and chemicals.

Medium & High Temperature
CO2 adsorption

To exchange knowledge and identify research gaps in the CO2 capture area using medium (e.g. MgO) and high temperature adsorbents (e.g. CaO).

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These research themes will be facilitated in the aspects of project application, programme planning, and planning for long-term collaborations.